Archived Website for Fall 2013!




1.       The participation grades have already been curved by about 10% to account for missed assignments, forgotten iclickers, etc.  You have two options for calculating your grade, and I will use whichever method gives you the higher grade.  Exam averages have been excellent all semester long.  Do not expect rounding of grades.  If you earn a 92.49, expect to earn an A- rather than an A.   I do look at very borderline grades individually and take into account bonus points and class performance for those.


2.       Please do not email me asking for a higher grade!  I can’t fairly raise your grade when other students who performed similarly keep the grade they earned.  I also can’t fairly give you opportunities for extra credit that were not provided to the entire class, and I do not have time to respond to the numerous requests I receive.   If you have a borderline grade, rest assured that I considered it individually.


3.       The TAs and I will not give out grades via email or phone.  I will submit grades soon after the final exam and you will be able to see your grades via the registrar’s webpage. 


I’ve really enjoyed teaching this class this semester.  Have a great winter break!

12/7 You can see a copy of the Exam 4 Free Response key here


Final Exam Format

About 50 total multiple-choice math-type and concept-type questions. No free response.

You can see a rough copy of the formula sheet you will be given here, note that this has a few more equations than we've gone over or expect you to know.

Questions will be spread roughly equally across the four units we have covered.

Version numbers and exam rooms will be posted on Quest/our website as usual.

You MUST take the exam with your class section to get credit.

I would suggest starting with your old exams.  Use those to see what broad topics you may need to review or may still need help with.  Then start your studying with those topics.

Welcome to Dr. Sparks's CH 301 classes (52100-52105-52110)

This front page will have all of the announcement for the class. The Navigation bar at the top of the page links to other important sites.

All the information about the details of the course.
This has the contacts for all the people on our teaching team as well as the many office hours that available for help every day of the week.
Any materials that we are using during our class time as well as the annotated slides from each day and examples of student notes.
This is the system we will utilize for online homework and learning modules.
Piazza is an online discussion forum to get questions answers (and to answer questions to help other students). You should address any content related questions to the Piazza forum.

Finally, there is a link to a periodic table.

Old Announcements

12/6 All of Dr. Spark's Classes are canceled today! Since the University has already set a delayed start of 10 AM, we're going to have zero class rather than some class.

9/30 If you want to see a copy of your free response/scantron email to tell us which office hour you want to view it (can only choose Scott, Emma, Michael or Kevin since TAs from other classes can't view your graded materials).

11/25 Get a copy of the Thermo Worksheet and work on it before next Monday!

11/11 You can see a copy of Exam 3 Free Response Key here.

10/18 9 AM class- HW and LM are due Monday, not Friday as the slides said. Also, take a look at the CO2 example on the slides.

10/16You can see a copy of the Exam 2 Free Response key here

9/25 You can see a copy of the Free Response key here.

9/23 No learning modules assigned this Monday for anyone (this includes you 9 AM people).

9/12 iClicker points have been updated on Quest. If you have a zero, you haven't been properly registered! Points will be re-updated on Wednesday or Thursday.

8/29 If you are not getting the emails sent to the class, please check the email address you have listed as your official university email address. This will be the email address our email systems use for you, so if it is not one you check regularly, please start checking it or change your official email to one that you do check.

Exam Schedule

All regular Exams are on Thursday evenings from 7-9 PM in 3 different rooms. There will be assigned seating (we'll tell you what room to show up to). Please follow the exam "protocol" that we announce the week prior to the exam.

Make SURE you have these on your calendar - there are NO MAKE-UP exams ever.

  • Exam 1 Thurs 9/19
  • Exam 2 Thurs 10/10
  • Exam 3 Thurs 11/7
  • Exam 4 Thurs 12/5

You can get a copy of the periodic table and constants used on the exam here.

The most important link is to the eBook for CH301.

Chemistry content materials for the course can all be found on the eBook site at .

  • Go to the eBook
  • Explore the eBook
  • Know the eBook
  • Memorize the link to the eBook
  • Check out all the tabs on the eBook site

The eBook site will help you to learn the materials. The eBook will be your main resource for content information.